Friday, February 10, 2012

1600 - 600 = a new quilt

A couple of weeks ago I was sewing with Shellie and since we had lots of catching up to do, I decided to bring a project that I could work on without thinking about too much - a "Jelly Roll Race", or "1600 Quilt".

The only problem was that the "jelly roll" I pulled from my stash was not a true Jelly Roll - instead of 40 strips WOF, it only had 20.  So instead of 1600 inches of strips to sew end to end, I had half that.  I grabbed about 10 strips of white to fill it out a bit, and proceeded to sew.

Well... the nice proportions of about 48x64 that would result from a full Jelly Roll became a bit skewed with my gimpy one... not to mention that even with random placement of my strips, both the whites and the greens clumped together quite obviously.  Long and skinny - and adding borders would make it REALLY long and still pretty skinny (not that I am opposed to that... but...)

So after I got it home, I decided to do some selective un-sewing.  I removed 8 of the strips and set them aside to use for binding the finished quilt.  I then rearranged the whites and greens a bit to break things up -though I didn't go too crazy and still have a few clumps in the finished quilt.

The addition of some borders, some dense parallel line quilting, and a scrappy binding and the result is:

Unless claimed by my boys, this quilt will most likely be added to the 4Patches4Hope donation box, even though there are no 4 patches in it.  It is also my 5th finished project since Christmas!!!


Barb said...

Turned out wonderfully!!

Cheryl Willis said...

nice, I did one that ended up one color on one side and a different on the other half, decided to applique on the light areas. hate to un-sew

Jean said...

I love the random feel of it. I think it turned out great!

jillquilts said...

Way to go! And you are definitely making me feel like a slacker! lol