Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jake's Rectangles and Squares Quilt

Last January I was working feverishly (or so I thought) on graduation quilts.  I had 2 to finish up for nephews who had already graduated, and two to prep for a niece and nephew graduating last June.   I figured with an early January start, getting caught up on all 4 would be easy-peasey.  Right?!??!!

I managed to finish one nephew quilt and sent it off to Jill for quilting,  Two more nephew quilts were started with this pattern and a whole lot of scraps from my stash.

Both were pieced by mid-February - and one lacked only its borders. They were also larger than my living room floor open area - so pinning them up would have to involve a visit to Shellie. And so they got put aside for a bit...

And then I decided to paint my studio, and start my garden, and then summer happened, and I got distracted with more new projects, and then windows and roof and furnace and Christmas and OH MY!  Before I knew it we were rapidly closing in on the one year mark.  3 of the 4 quilts were still not done, and although I now had room on my own living room floor to pin up quilts this size, time was rapidly ticking away.

Not anymore -at least on this one.  Jake's Rectangles and Squares Quilt - named such by the Munchkin - is now done, washed, crinkled and ready for gifting when I see him this Saturday.

This was done primarily in blacks, browns, golds and a nice cream - all fabrics I had in my stash with the exception of the border/binding fabric, which is actually a tone on tone paislyish pattern.  None of these are true blacks - more dark greys, which made matching them a bit more difficult than I anticipated, but I was happy with the end result.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this quilt turned out.  The quilting is dense and heavy parallel lines, and the shirting fabric back crinkled deliciously and has a wonderful woven texture to it.  I had to do a bit of piecing on the back, and love how that extra strip just makes it pop!!!

As usual I used flannel as my batting - with the size of this it makes it heavy and warm, and the whole thing just cuddles up to you.  I can't tell you how many times I dozed off under it while putting the binding on!

This is BIG - about 60x80 - but so is Jake so I hope this will cover him up and keep him toasty!!!

The second of these is a totally different color combination - and although I will use the same shirting fabric and quilting style I anticipate a different feel to it. I have the borders on now, and the backing prepped, but need to restock my batting before I can proceed to the next stage.

Jake's quilt - finish #6 since Christmas!!!


Jennifer said...

Great quilt - congrats on another finish!

Barb said...

What a fun wonderful quilt!!

Michelle said...

Very nice!