Monday, March 28, 2011

Let it Rain??

rain [reɪn]n1. (Earth Sciences / Physical Geography)
a. precipitation from clouds in the form of drops of water, formed by the condensation of water vapour in the atmosphere

Today I discovered what happens when you combine an enclosed space (photo is NOT our actual plant tower - my camera is in the other room and I am cozy under a quilt....), a few egg cartons full of damp soil and water, and warm (very warm) sunshine.

The thermometer registered 94 degrees as the high, and 94% humidity.

The walls of the 53rd precinct are sweating...

(and bonus points to anyone who can name the movie!)

So a bottom tray has been constructed (thanks, sweetie!) to contain the moisture and protect the hardwood floor, the back vent has been opened, and we shall see how tomatoes and peppers germinate in the tropics.

(of course it is like 28 degrees OUTSIDE right now.... ugh.)

Stay tuned!

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Marj said...

I am hoping that it starts acting like spring and warms up soon. Like by next week when we all meet in Cincinnati. I'm sure it will I'm thinking positive.