Sunday, March 27, 2011

Garden Time!!!!!!!!

Last Sunday I was able to enjoy a little quality time in my garden - deadheading some flowers I had left on the stalks for the birds to enjoy, and raking up some of the leaves and debris that were covering up my tulip bed. I filled 2 paper leaf bags for the town to collect for composting, and it felt good to get out and stretch.

I am sporting these this spring. It's not much of a picture, but it is the biggest image I could find. I was so happy to find these after trying on boot after boot in all sorts of different stores and having them all be too narrow for my foot. I even tried the men's - I was not a very happy shopper.

So my feet are warm and dry, my hyacinths and tulips are peeking up above ground level, my mini daffodils have buds on them, and the plan for now through April 1st is to get some seeds in to start in my indoor "greenhouse" (a shelving unit with a vinyl canopy over it to keep in the warmth), and to get some greens (spinach and lettuce) and peas started outside.

Oh it feels good to have soil under my fingernails again!
Of course I still like the sewing lint and threads on my clothes, too.

This is the start of the "torn" season!!! Inside our outside? Garden or sew?

The Munchkin is asking about planting this year - I have a feeling gardening may win out for a while.

Then again - it was snowing again as recently as Friday.


Barb said...

Yes, it is snowing again.....

jillquilts said...

Poo on the snow and boot shopping but Hooray that you found a pair to work!

Now show your indoor greenhouse!! :)