Wednesday, January 05, 2011

P.I.G.S - where do they live?

Welcome to the Year of the P.I.G.S (projects in grocery sacks) - sponsored by Jill at Ramblings of a Fabric and Yarn Obsessor.

Jill has asked us to write a bit today about how we store our PIGS -and how we keep them separate from the rest of our stash of fabrics and "stuff."

She also asked for photos - which she is not going to get... at least not in this post.

So - how do I store my PIGS?

Probably the best way will be a list:
1. plastic shoeboxes -clear sided. These mostly hold my precut scraps (cut to various sizes for future use) but a few hold unfinished projects. The great thing about these is that they stack easily and fit on my shelving units. They are also clear so I can see into them to see what project is lurking there.

2. "Take and Toss" containers - the ones made by Ziplock or Glad or the generic ones sold by my grocery store or Target. I usually get the ones that are about 4x6" and about 5 inches deep. These usually hold small scale projects, or scraps precut for a particular pattern that I make a lot of, like Lazy Girl Wonder Wallets, or mini composition book covers or sachets. I often write on the lid the dimensions of the scraps I need to cut to make those projects so when I am trimming leftovers I can just trim and drop them in for later assembly.

2. Art Bins - I only have 2, but they work!

3. Storage bags that sheets and blankets come in - those heavy squared off vinyl bags with the zippers. They are great for larger projects.

4. Zip top bags - the ever present zip top bags. I like these because I can write notes on them as I go along.

5. Fabric reusable grocery bags -these are also good for larger projects, backings and battings, take and go projects. I can also hang these from hooks in my closet.

and last but not least... 6. The bag the fabric came in from the store. Yes - some of them have never even made it out of those bags.

(but I did evict one little PIGGY this past week - from the store bag no less!!! Pics to follow when I can get someone to hold it up for me!)


Deanna said...

A variety of methods for a variety of projects. Makes sense to me.

jillquilts said...

Plastic bags and totes seem to be the way to go! :)

Babs said...

Wow - I can't believe how much your storage sounds like mine! Right down to the blanket/sheet storage bags! I alwaays thought I was a dork for keeping those.

The only thing that I don't do, that you do, is the reusable grocery bags. I use them to tote, but take it out when I get home and find it a home or put it away. Scott would be mad if he knew I was using them for fabric LOL! I may have to buy some just for me though!