Saturday, January 01, 2011

January is...

"organize it month."

Have you noticed how all the sales in 99% of the stores in January revolve around two items - fitness equipment (post Christmas Cookie Guilt perhaps) and plastic storage item.

This year our fitness equipment is revolving around the Wii we got for Christmas, with lots of boxing, bowling and golf taking place in our house, and more to come when Mommy can score a Wii Fit on sale.

Organization has always been pretty good here - we love our flip top lugs, our clear plastic "shoeboxes" - and thanks to Jill, we are now hooked on 12x12 Art Bins. Not for organizing our crafting supplies... although 2 of the 16 we now own are MINE... no - we use our art bins to organize our LEGO!!!

Many many moons ago - I organized all my LEGO by size and shape and piece type - tucking them neatly into fishing tackle boxes - tackle boxes that did not stack, tackle boxes that you had to open to see what was inside, and tackle boxes that rapidly became too small for the enormity of the task.

When Jill gave me an Art Bin for my quilting last year, Hubby started eying them for LEGO storage -and a few good sales gave us the opportunity to make the big switch. Two of the three tackle boxes have now been "retired" and we are working through the last box, plus a few more tubs and bins and boxes of unsorted pieces and parts from then and now. It's a big task, but the Munchkin loves to sort, and the boys have it down to a science now.


jillquilts said...

Very cool!!! Great ideas! The Art Binds are on sale through today at Joann's... And I'm glad to hear that I could help with the LEGO storage conversion! :)

Babs said...

Love this Regina! I have very, very fond memories of my brother and I shoveling through cardboard boxes full of legos. It would have been so cool to have them stored in the art bins.

I'd have more of them too, but there are always other things I'd rather spend my moolah on ;)

Plus, lucy has a few Dora "fake" lego sets but has never taken to legos like my brother and I did. I'm hoping my new boy loves them so I can relive my childhood again :)