Wednesday, January 19, 2011

PIGS - a herd? a litter? a pod?

What do you call a group of PIGS? Is it a herd? A flock? A crowd?

When it comes to sewing PIGS, Jill is asking... how many do I have? do I keep a list of them? and what is my oldest?

And the answers are "I don't know." "No." and "Hmm....."

I have been quilting for about 13 years now - and I do have a UFO from the one and only quilting class I have ever taken - but for a while I was finishing every project I started, and was making quilts for specific gifts, specific recipients, and making them one at a time. I even - gasp - bought fabric just for that specific project, and had no real stash to speak of - other than some leftover bits from previous projects, and clothing sewing.

Then I met Jill.... and things got totally out of hand. I started traveling to retreats, started shop hopping, started trolling the web for free patterns and ideas, and GASP - started working on more than one project at a time. (ok -that's my story -and I will stick to it -but we all know that it really wasn't Jill's fault -it's just fun to blame her! :-0 My "problem" started before that!)

OK -back to PIGS. I have a few Lazy Girl bags that are PIGS, and a whole bunch of quilts that are in the UFO stage. The oldest UFO's??? Those would have to be the quilt blocks we "inherited" when we bought our house in an estate sale - cathedral window blocks that a relative of the previous owners asked me to consider finishing. Next oldest are blocks that my mom started in 1986 - and recently passed along to me to finish. (sorry - no photos of either). The oldest UFO of my own origin is a quilt I started 2 years ago when I attended a retreat with Jill - it is all assembled and only lacks quilting.

And just what do you call a group of PIGS?
According to one source i found, all of the following are acceptable:

Pigs (General)

Drift, Drove

Pigs (Boars)

Singular, Sounder

Pigs (Hogs)

Team, Passel, Drift, Parcel

Pigs (Piglets)

Litter, Farrow

Pigs (Swine)


I think that in my case - Parcel and Passel are both VERY descriptive!!!


Marj said...

You are a brave woman to join in the group to finish PIGS this year. I plan to try work on not making any new PIGS in 2011.

Barb said...

You are so funny, found your definition of PIGS to be amusing...

Kate said...

I like the parcel and passle of PIGS, it just sounds right.

Michele said...

I think mine are a drift :)

Hanswife said...

I think I am between a drift and a drove..need to make sure that those bags a zipped up don't need any new little UFO or PIGS

happy sewing
Julie Ann

Anonymous said...

Very humorous post. I just call them a mess.

jillquilts said...

Too funny!!! And yes, I am sure that I am to blame in your PIGS status! lol