Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Peanut Butter Pie...and some sewing

I went to Shellie's to sew tonight -and ended up with this... my very own piece of Peanut Butter Pie. DELICIOUS!!!! And what a great birthday surprise -thanks Shellie! :-)

This is by far my favorite pie... and when we went on our shop hop last month we had every intention of stopping for some on the way home. We just ran out of steam (and were too full from awesome chinese food to eat another bite). The last time I managed to have some was on my venture to Ohio for the quilt retreat last April. It's been too long!

We really did sew - after a quick run to McDonald's and a Shamrock Shake (thanks to an old high school buddy putting the idea in my head - had not had one of those in AGES!)... and a slight interruption for a conference call with Jill. we were working on the Sunny Lanes pattern by Pat Speth, which Jill has already made and won a ribbon for at a quilt show!!! I have loved this quilt since I first saw hers on her design wall many many blog posts ago. And then I saw it in person and loved it even more. So when I Shellie suggested we do a quilt together - this was at the very very tip top of my list. Luckily for me she likes the pattern, too.

Shellie and I have each cut the pattern out in our own fabric choices, and are sewing them concurrently. I am using the remainder of the Wonderland fabric I used to make Jill's quilt.

Tonight I believe was the inaugural use of Shellie's sewing room for group sewing. Works nice -we can see each other and chat and each have a nice area for working in. And her little dog Mia (look on the floor in front of the white sewing table) is such a cutie pie - she kept an eye on us and chased away any spiders that were lurking! Good girl!!!

I am a wee bit ahead -mainly because I only had enough of my chosen fabric line to do the twin size, while Shellie has gone all out and aimed for the full size. I am already loving how the Wonderland darks look against the bright white I have chosen for the lights. The darks are scrappy - there is one light (a white on white with little stars -one of my go-to fabrics that I just love in ANY project)

There is more to go on this project -I think we are going to do the four patches on our own this week and finish up this step, then get together again to do the half-square-triangles that make up the other part of each block.

We need to hurry - Shamrock Shake season is limited!!! :-)


Jennifer said...

Lucky you!! Sounds like a great night.

SusanC said...

What fun! Shellie has a great set up for sewing with a friend and she serves peanut butter pie! Can't get much better than that!


Linda and Piwacket said...

What a fun evening. Love Shellie's new sewing area!

jillquilts said...

Looks like (and sounded like) you both had a great time!! And that there is plenty of room for me when I come up!! ;)