Sunday, May 03, 2009

Quilt Retreat Weekend - Part 2

Sleep came easily this week - and usually early - but it's taken a while for me to mentally process through everything that happened last weekend and then turn it into something coherent that people might want to read.

I don't know how successful I will be at that - but here goes.

I forgot a few things from Day 1 - driving through Columbus, OH in heavy traffic and construction with the GPS in my lap (the suction cup kept coming off the windshield) after 14 years of being away - the gorgeous spring colors of everything in bloom as I headed North to South (although I had to retreat to earlier spring on the way home) - Jill texting me as I arrived at Fabric Shack about 45 minutes before they were going to be there to be sure I was going to be ok waiting (waiting in a fabric shop - gee - what a hardship) - and the glorious glorious peanut butter pie. (ok - so I mentioned that in the first post, too... but it was REALLY good).

Shopping with the gang was wonderful - it was fun to see what kinds of fabrics caught other people's attention, or what they were on a quest for. I already had most of my selections stacked and cut - although looking at things through their eyes helped me find a few other treasures. I don't have pictures of all my purchases - one I can't show yet as it is for a special project and I don't want the recipient to see it - but will try to show some of them soon.

Luckily for me, Jill decided to ride shotgun with me for the rest of the evening. After 8+ hours of driving I was beginning to lose all sense of direction - plus it was nice having someone to talk to in the car after 8 hours of just me. After a buzz through Best Friends - we hit WalMart for some sword fighting (foam), snack snagging (mmm - Strawberry Cream Oreos and Licorice Snaps), dinner buying (pizza) fun.

We all then piled into Jill's house for the evening -and I finally got to meet Max and Maisy - Jill's dogs. Pizza's popped into the oven, and we all settled in to a variety of projects to get ready for the retreat. I wasn't much good for anything other than sign making and taking dictation - so I left the sewing machine and hand needle and scissor operations to others.

The best part? I took "delivery" of the quilts that Jill machine quilted for me - and we did a bit of show and tell. They turned out MARVELOUS! My intention for the retreat was to finish up the binding and get that attached - but I only managed to get the bindings made (Sunday) and the quilts trimmed (Friday). There are some pictures of the quilts out there from our show and tell session - but not on my camera. I will have to go picture hunting. (update - one quilt is now completely bound and just waiting for a label)

We finally faded around 1:30 AM - Jennifer says I was finishing my sentences very......very.....very.... slowly - but by that time I had been up for nearly 21 hours. The dogs snuggled in with me -right up until the moment Jill's feet hit the stairs to head up, and then they were gone.


Lili P. said...

Argh! So close to seeing it, and yet so far! You are tricky, Regina! :P

Jen said...

Giggle, You need to take pics of what you bought, I have no sense of what anyone else picked up!!!thanks for not pointing out that I really thought regina the incontinent WAS in the bathroom so I just started shopping!

jillquilts said...

Sorry the ninjas left you! What can I say? They love me!!

I'm so glad that you liked your quilts! Let me know when/if you want to send more!