Thursday, January 28, 2010

Camping Capers

Making progress! 36 blocks are ready with the squares stitched down - using a tight little zig zag. These edges will fray as the quilt is washed and make it "scruffily."

After all 36 were done - I had a bit of time before bedtime to get them all laid out on the living room floor. I've now got the rows pinned together awaiting assembly - this is a quick and easy quilt that would be a fun way to show off fussy cut 2 1/2 inch novelties -much like I did in the block above.

This will finish at about 54" square, unless I decide to add some borders - which I am undecided on at this point. Probably not.

I also got an AWESOME package in the mail from Jill yesterday - more fabric, some books for the Munchkin, some "gadgets", an awesome case for carrying around WISP's, AND this book:

Dangerous reading, I tell ya! Downright dangerous! Thanks Jill!!! (sorry - no photos of all the gifties together - had to hide things from the Munchkin quickly and things got all separated, and then I got sewing, and ... well, you know how it is.)


M. Regina said...

Very beautiful your 36 blocks. I love the colours. Hugs from Brazil

jillquilts said...

Slowly, but surely, my name is getting bigger in your tag cloud! lol

I'm glad that you like everything!!!