Sunday, January 03, 2010

And then there were 9

The block of the month quilt I am making for the Munchkin is progressing quite slowly... although I have yet to hit the one-year mark in the project. I started off with a 6 block spurt, and then kind of got sidetracked with some other projects. (what - don't tell me you've never gotten sidetracked???!!! LOL!)

My hope is to finish up the blocks in the next week or so - and then tackle the pieced sashing. I don't think that will take very long once I get going, but we shall see. Ideally this quilt would be pieced and sent off for quilting and be back by the Munchkin's birthday in February - but I am not going to make myself (or Jill) crazy if that does not happen, either.

It's been one of those things that I need to have the mental energy to work on because of the fabric choices, varied instructions for each block, and cutting requirements.

Today all those things came together - however briefly - and I was able to get block 9 cut and assembled. I love this crabby fabric - it is leftovers from some fabric that Lazy Sister Sue and I used for a project for Mom - in a different colorway. I think I have used the blue colorway in 2 other blocks in this quilt, but this is the first block that uses the green crabbies.

The yellow is fun, too - it was the backing from a charity quilt I did last March - Scotch Squares. I don't have a good photo of this one with the backing - but it is a tone on tone pale yellow spotted fabric and really worked nice with the oranges and teals of the Hello Betty fabric line.

I really have not told the Munchkin much about the quilt - but today he saw the block as I brought it downstairs for pictures.

"Is this a new placemat?" he asked. Funny kid - this is the same kid who this morning called breakfast "four patch waffles."

Truly a quilt-worthy kid!


Barb said...

Cute fabrics Regina!

Jennifer said...

Way to go picking it up again. I have a couple of those quilts in progress too. Can't wait to see how it all comes together! You'll never think of waffles the same, will you? I just love that quote!

Marj said...

Saw your Sister Susan, your Mom and two of your other sisters on Saturday. They were at the LQS in Aiken, I left before them so I can't tell you how much trouble they got into, but I did see some fabric being cut. Hope to meet you someday when you come to visit. your BOM is looking good.

Higgins Design Studio said...

Hi Marj. It was nice meeting you in Aiken on Saturday.
I didn't get into any trouble at all... Mom bought a pattern for a tulip bag and the fabric for Terri to make it for her. Terri got some fabrics to make DragonBen a pillowcase. A. Celeste bought a couple of patterns and a pair of scissors. That's all... not much.
I just tried not to drool ON the fabrics and resisted tempting to buy some I know I'll never sew together. I'll leave that to you others. :)
Love you!
The BOM is looking great.

Michelle said...

Gotta love that quilty kid. How cute. Think he'll want to quilt someday?

Love the block, and it looks like the Munchkin does too!
be blessed,

jillquilts said...

He's so cute!!! What day is his birthday again? :)