Sunday, April 05, 2009

Scotch Squares - a final look

I had a hard time saying goodbye to this quilt - I really really liked how it turned out, and was nearly tempted to go up to the auction and bid on it for myself.

It was hard to get a good picture of the binding, but it is made from 10" strips cut from the leftover Layer Cake pieces, so it is variegated all the way around.

The quilting was a straight grid - and my walking foot and I are finally getting along so it turned out nicely. I did not spray baste anything - just pinned it all very well - and it cooperated.

I also tried something new to me with this quilt - I did not pre-wash anything and then washed the entire thing before sending it off to the auction - it got a wonderful crinkly look to it.

I hope it keeps its new owners warm and cozy!


Suzan said...

Sometimes it really is just so hard to part with one!

Moneik said...

The new owner will love it, I'm sure. It's hard to part with a quilt you love.

Jen said...

It went for a great cause. Do you know how much it went for? Inquiring Minds want to know!!!

Granny's Closet said...

Isn't it hard to give away some of the works a person does. I have a couple that I know I should give away, but I like them so much. but--as they say it is for a good cause.

Barb said...

I hope it goes to a very loving home that will appreciate all you put into it.

shellie said...

Do you have a full picture of the quilt? I love it.