Friday, April 17, 2009

An Easter "box" in the mail

I have the best oldest sister in the world! She was supposed to be sending me bricks of fabric for our swap project this year so that I can take them to my retreat next week and work on the quilt.

But she can't "just" send those - no - she has to tuck all sorts of other goodies in the box to get her postage worth out of it...

Like these -scraps of turtle fabric for me to add to the Munchkin's quilt, and a couple of Honey Buns from Moda's Bake Shop (with a fun pattern included).

The crabbies are leftover from some projects we did together for Mom, and are just such great fun colors to work with, even if you are not crabby.

And these - a fun stuffed turtle pattern, two great turtle fabrics, and two WONDERFUL pouches for my tools and cutters and chocolates and stuff.

Won't be any doubt whose bags THESE are at the retreat!

Oh - and the bricks were in there, too - guess I have to send my half back to her, now. Better get cutting tonight to be sure I have enough!

Thanks sis!!!


Higgins Design Studio said...

Do you think your tools will all fit in that little zippered bag? I know for sure that the larger one is for the chocolates!
Have a great time at the retreat!
Love you sis!

Barb said...

Oh, is it the pattern for the "Sweet Treat Bags?" with the honey buns. I made 2 of those a couple of weeks ago. I need to do a post about it.

Moneik said...

Love the honey buns! We just got some in at the store. Can't wait to try them.

Dogmaw said...

Looks like you made out! My mom sends me packages stuffed full of the strangest things too.

jillquilts said...

That's awesome! I have to say that you do have me beat in the older sister category! Mine doesn't give a hoot about anything that I do.

Jen said...

what an awesome care package!!

Pollyanna said...

oh how I love Honey Buns!! And the other material looks awesome too. How awesome!