Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Turtle of the Day - the Handyman

Each year I try to add to our Christmas Ornament collection with something significant for that year. When Hubby and I first got engaged, we went on a camping trip and took a day trip to Lake Placid. The snowflake ornament we picked up that year is a mainstay on our tree. We've added many along the years, and pulling them out each year is a little walk down memory lane.

So when we started doing major renovations on our house right around Thanksgiving one year- which included totally gutting the kitchen (4 layers of wall, 7 layers of floor, and tons of icky nasty gunk above the ceiling) I found this little handyman turtle by Harmony Kingdom. The tiny workbench says "Santa" and the head screws off to reveal a tiny little box.

Somehow he never made it onto the tree, though. He looks too cute sitting on the window frame. Maybe when the renovating is all done I will move him to the tree.

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Amelia said...

How precious and cute!