Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Now where did I put that (insert item here...)????

OK - I am officially getting middle aged - I am starting to forget where I put things. I used to be so good - I could put my finger on something pretty quickly - even after 7 moves in 7 years (or perhaps because of 7 moves in 7 years???)

I don't know though - lately it has been tougher - I think with my craft space in the attic - but my primary work space in the dining room (easier with the toddler) a lot of things get shifted during transport up and down stairs.

My latest loss is tortoise-shell...not the contraband stuff, but extra shell blocks that I made for the two quilts. I had 25, and put 18 in the bag with the other blocks for each quilt, but decided I want to use 12 in one of the quilts - and now the extras are no where to be found. I've looked "upstairs, downstairs and in the lady's chamber" and have no clue...

I cannot remake them - but will look for a while until I declare them completely lost. Knowing my luck I will find them as I put the last stitch into the quilt.

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Nat said...

Oh, my short-term memory is shot - just totally MIA. I have made a list to take the store for things I need to purchase, forgotten the list, and a mere 15-20 minutes after leaving home, called dh to ask what it was I drove there to pick up.

Yes, and more than once, too. So sad. I blame it on the kids. ;)