Thursday, June 07, 2007

Boy - Oh - Boy

Little Paul is now home - so now I know which quilt moves up a level in the work pile. The graduation quilt HAS to be finished before Saturday, June 23 - so that one will stay on top until it is done.

I was at the fabric store again yesterday to find backing, border and binding for the "Orange Brick Road" - Plan A fell through, as the brown/gold was only in FQ. Plan B was a gorgeous tan/brown with chocolate brown vines and leaves - but I choked at the price, even with a coupon. Plan C was a peachy orange with tiny cream stars scattered throughout, and a burnt orange "tapestry" print fabric for the binding. It actually ends up lighter and more playful than Plan A would have - and the price was much much much easier to swallow.

Unfortunately - other than the fabric getting washed last night - no progress was made on any of the quilts. The munchkin had other plans for my time - and then I was just out of energy.

Tonight perhaps - because tomorrow is SCRAPBOOKING NIGHT!! Woo Hoo!!

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