Saturday, July 13, 2013

Things that get in the way...

Sometimes it is just hard to find the time for everything I want to work on. In the summer especially - my sewing gets short shrift because there is so much else going on.  I normally sew from the time my son heads to bed until my bedtime - usually by the time I get upstairs that is 8:30 - 10:30 or 11.

With a later summertime bedtime - I've lost an hour - and that really wipes out my momentum.
It's also hot upstairs - even with the A/C... which wipes out my motivation.

So I sew when I can - and shift a lot of my focus to some other projects.
Like these:
Perler bead quilt blocks made by the Munchkin - magnets will be added and these will be sold at our guild quilt show in August.
Perler bead sewing machines - vintage or modern.  Again -will have magnets added.
Black raspberries -with a few wild strawberries thrown in  Have been harvesting about 9 cups at a time- though they are starting to taper off.  My first batch of jam this season was overcooked- so was like fruit leather in a jar.  Freezing the rest and will try again when the weather cools.
This is our BIG summer project - replacing the sidewalk we tore out last year.  The only hitch has been the mold takes 60# bags of concrete - and we ordered 80# bags (that's what the website said... oops!)  So I get to play with the leftovers.
Casting stepping stones over rhubarb leaves with leftover concrete.
Making handprints and concrete votive candle holders.
Cast a rhubarb leaf in a curve over a pile of sand.
And more handprints.  Basically anything that can hold concrete has been cast.
And this doesn't even cover the growing that's going on in the garden.... I will leave that for another post.


Anjeanette said...

I totally hear you about summertime taking sewing time out of whack! We are in the same boat here too. We have also been knee deep in perler beads, but sadly they are minecraft and not cute sewing machines.

I love your new walkway! And the rhubarb leaves are awesome in concrete!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Love the magnets! And the creativity with the extra concrete! :)