Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Fiorire - to flower, to bloom, to blossom, to flourish.

This quilt is a graduation gift for a dear friend who has done - and is doing- exactly that!  It will be sent with wishes for continual blooms in her life!

This was done with the Lazy Angle Ruler by Lazy Girl Designs and a pattern by Jaybird Quilts (links here because I am being too lazy to link them all again) - though I took a few liberties to make it a bit bigger (and added a few different blocks because I messed up the math).  I also added a pieced border to this.  It is a nice generous throw - with a flannel "batting" so it drapes ever so nicely.
The backing is a piece of fabric from Ikea - wide enough for what I needed, but just a smidge too short, so I added in a pieced strip up top.  I didn't pre-wash this and it held up nicely - adding to the overall "crinkle" that I love so much in my quilts.  I loved the birds -and they fit nicely with this quilt - even though they are a bit more "subdued" than what is going on with the front and all the colors.

I did a concentric spiral quilting on this - which is something I have done a few times now.  I like how the gentle curve breaks up the angularity of the blocks.  In the lower corner of this picture, you can see where I added some free motion quilting in the center of the spiral, loosely following one of the flowers on the fabric.
I love how the quilt looks with the flowers in the garden (actually my neighbor's garden) - many of the same colors are blooming in the fabrics and in the flowerbeds.

I am not sure when I will get this delivered - I would rather not ship it and the recipient is not local - but hoping it will be soon.


Marj said...

I love the colors and your quilting on it is beautiful. It was great that your neighbor's flowers were in bloom for the picture.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

It looks great!! :)