Saturday, August 11, 2012


Sometimes life gives you lots and lots of triangles -in my case it was a Moda Turnover of Patisserie that I won a few years ago from another blogger. Another identical turnover joined it last year during my jaunt to Ohio and some shop hopping at Fabric Shack.  That is 160 already cut triangles.  What's a girl to do???

I was indecisive - and so they sat.  Until April, when I was suddenly possessed with a desire to make hourglass blocks.  Lots and lots of hourglass blocks.  I dove into my white pindot and cut 160 white triangles - and started sewing like crazy.

I was told at one point that this was a "broken dishes" quilt  - but I don't know if it really is - as the blocks are assembled differently from what I know as  "broken dishes" block.  The end result looks the same though. 

At any rate - it's my bull in a bread shop... Toropanya  - a bit of French (I think) and a bit of Japanese... and a whole lot of cozy.
On the clothesline - this needed no borders.
The very last of my yellow shirting - love this fabric for backings but this is the only bit I kept for myself.

Cozy summer snuggles.


Suzan said...

Pretty quilt! I am a sucker for pastels and white. Did you bat with flannel? I am so happy you told me about that. It gives summer quilts perfect body. I recently noticed some old family summer quilts that appear to be filled with feed sacks and/or muslin. Might be fun to try quilting one like that!

Jennifer said...

Great quilt! Love the colors.

jillquilts said...


Michelle said...

I love it!