Friday, August 10, 2012

Dirty Tales from the Garden - the REALLY big growing things

As much as I work with the small plants and vegetables, and the occasional medium sized shrub, one cannot overlook the BIG growing things around our house - namely a whole host of black walnut trees, a maple, a catalpa, a blue spruce, and some neighborly maples and oaks on the street and property lines.   Unfortunately, our maple has been sickly for some time now, and it was finally time to take it down.

With about 12 hours notice, hubby and I dropped some fencing and cut down raspberry canes surrounding the tree... and lickety split we went from standing wood to firewood.


Knotty old thing

Not too healthy

Burly skilled men at work




The stump, soon to be covered back over as the raspberries return.
It was a long overdue decision - as much as I hate cutting down trees - this one was too sickly to be safe anymore.  We have one more on the property that will probably come down in the spring - planning now what I can plant in their place (must get along with black walnuts).


jillquilts said...

Very Cool!!

Suzan said...

My ex had his degree in forestry. When we bought our house there were several very large trees across the front of the property and it was very gloomy. The biggest tree was a HUGE hemlock. The weekend after we moved he and my 2 sons took that big boy down. It involved tree climbing, ropes, a wicked chain saw and a terrified mother standing just inside the house. The tree came down perfectly but it would have been so much safer to hire a real crew!
I have heard that people remove the hull of black walnuts by running over them with the car. Do you do that? I know it is crazy hard to get that green husk or whatever it is called off the shell.

Michele said...

Black walnuts are the spawn of the devil :) We spend a disproportionate amount of time in our yard keeping them under control. (Or at least *trying* to keep them under control.)