Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's Tomato Planting time again - GIVEAWAY

Remember my topsy turvy tyvek tomato bags??  Well - it was time to make some more...  and I got a bit carried away and made LOTS.

I will be planting a few (ok - more than a few) around here - but thought I would have a fun little giveaway.  I will give away at least three bags - one each to three lucky gardeners (may be more if I don't use all I have made)

To enter - answer the following question:
What is the most unusual thing growing in your garden (vegetable or otherwise) right now?

Please be sure to give me a way to contact you - "no reply" entries will be discarded.

Happy gardening!

***GIVEAWAY CLOSED*** Thanks for playing!



SewPaula said...

I would have to say the most unusual thing in my garden these day is a woodchuck. He/She is living in a hole under my front porch and comes out every so often to eat my flowers and my neighbor's tomatoes. I wish he would eat the poison ivy that is wrapped around the rose bush but no such luck.

jillquilts said...

No entry for me. But did you make all of those this afternoon? :-D

Jill said...

I think I won last time, so I won't enter..

Jennifer said...

I'd love one of your bags! I think of you every time I see tyvk bags in the office! I don't have anything growing yet....better get started!

Cheryl Willis said...

I don't even like tomatoes but want to make a bag just to see them grow. Great Tutorial! cw

Cathy said...

Not really sure I have anything that unusual growing in my garden this year. What is unusual is that my garden is growing and doing rather nicely this year. It has taken me a few years of building up soil and planting the right flowers and veggies so that I get some color and some fruit.
I would love to win those bags I have a very small space to work in. No property to speak of anymore. I do miss my acres.


Carol said...

I would like one of these bags - then Jen and I could have a competition to see who grows the biggest tomatoes!!