Monday, May 30, 2011

Dirty Tales - bucket brigade

Remember these???  Well -they are growing along happily - producing prodigious amounts of spinach and lettuce -and now nurturing a few tomato plants and a zucchini.  Oh and some peas.

I have been getting nightly harvests like this - and more - for the past week.  So great to make a weekend sandwich and go out and pull fresh greens to put on it.  Mmmmmmmmm........
 So this weekend, Hubby added FIVE buckets to the system.  Same concept - just smaller..  I did not get an "after" picture of these - my hands were a little dirty - but there are now tomato plants in each of these.  And FOUR more buckets waiting to be filled (ran out of soil) - an eggplant, some squash, and some carrot seeds will round those out.
The raised beds are planted and seem to be doing well - except that the local bunnies like to eat my baby tomatoes.  We've lost 6 - but luckily I had enough seedlings to replace them (plus a few plants from my generous neighbor!).

We even had an (unwanted but rare) rhubarb blossom.


Barb said...

Someone has a green must be nice to just go out the door and pull what you need.

jillquilts said...

looks awesome! Way to go!

Deanna said...

YUM! That is a tasty looking garden.