Monday, August 16, 2010

Fast Forward One Month

This has turned into this:

(or what you can see of this - it is much larger!)

Unfortunately the block formation method I am using does not allow for a seam allowance to enable the unsashed tesselation I fell in love with a month ago. I believe that a paper pieced version of this block might allow that - but I had already committed to this method in a big way (like in 120 blocks big) before I realized the situation.

A shipment of fabric from my personal buyer Jill that was destined for the back now moved to the front -and lots and lots of sashing was added - increasing the quilt size by nearly 18 inches side to side, and 21 in length. I still have enough for the back - although I did need to "reorder" from Jill to finish up the borders all around. This is now big enough for a twin sized bedspread I think - although I have not made final measurements yet.

It's been more sewing than I originally envisioned - but I am still loving the colors and the scrap-bustyness of it all, and can't wait to give it to my Dad in person when we visit in October.

A bit late for the August birthday (Happy belated birthday, Dad) but I like in person deliveries best.

More pics to follow when I can hang it up outside and get a full length shot on the camera instead of on the cell phone!

Then to figure out how to quilt this one!


Marj said...

I like how you used the two different sizes of sashing. Are you going to have Susan quilt it for you?

orchidlover said...

It's beautiful. I'm getting the fabric for my sashing tomorrow and then hopefully get it together on Friday.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

jillquilts said...

OH, I LOVE how the sashing turned out!! Very neat!!