Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tales from the Garden 2010

I have not done a garden update recently. Pictures of the 7 yards of mulch, or the 20 bags of weeds and other debris at the curb for composting, are not so interesting.

I did make the extra effort this year to start seeds inside. This is a shot from April, in front of my southern exposure patio doors. I did not use grow lights, but only what sun came in through the doors. I turned and rotated my trays frequently, and also blew a low speed fan on them for about 30 minutes each morning and evening to imitate the wind and supposedly make the stems stronger.

I must have done something right, as nearly everything sprouted, and many were transplanted to larger pots, where they seemed to thrive without getting too leggy.

A few things that the Munchkin and I planted on Earth Day did not sprout well - like the corn, peanuts, sunflowers and squash. Some were cases of very old seeds, and in other cases I don't think I had them planted deep enough, and they got moldy. The soybeans sprouted right up, though, as did a few pepper plants and varieties of tomatoes.

Tomorrow I will show you what happened when the indoor garden moved outside....

And in the meantime - don't forget to check the giveaway . Mom is currently hospitalized with infections - so it looks like this round of chemo may be delayed a bit - lots of time yet to enter... I will be updating with the cutoff date when I know.


Michelle said...

Sending hugs and prayers for your mom.

Can't wait to see what your plants did out doors.

jillquilts said...

Great idea on the planting and seedlings! You are a smart cookie!! :)

And sending well thoughts your mom's way!