Monday, June 28, 2010

Tales from the Garden 2010 - eat your veggies

Two years ago my neighbor mentioned in early April that she was planting peas.

Early APRIL??? I thought that was incredibly early - and incredibly crazy -but my childhood memories of eating peas fresh from the garden were strong and sweet - and I wanted to plant some of those myself... I got mine in later - the heat got to them - I let them go too long -and I was disappointed with hard, dry, icky peas.

Last year I planted them early - I have learned that you can plant peas as soon as the ground is workable and will get an early harvest. I did not let them get so big this time, and the harvest was better... but limited in volume.

This year??? Boo Yah!!!

I had done some more reading -and learned that peas are a good "intercrop" with hops... so those big spaces between our hops in the long sunny bed behind the garage were filled with many many pea plants.

And the whole front row -with salad greens.

It's a bunny buffet... but the bunny seems more interested in the soybeans and cilantro -both of which I have very little of - and not in the overabundant lettuce.

Go figure.

More peas are in the main bed climbing up one of the plant hooks.

Mmmm.... warm peas! Happy Happy!


Higgins Design Studio said...

Really, the ONLY way I actually LIKE peas! But I eat them anyway...

jillquilts said...

Oh, I remember the sadness from last year... WOO HOO on the great crop so far this year!!! :)

orchidlover said...

Well done. There's no taste like freshly podded peas

Love and hugs Gina xxx