Monday, May 31, 2010

Totally Overcome

I'm not totally overcome - but my living room floor is. My nice wide open flat quilt laying out space.

Totally overcome by a whole bunch of Legos and a freezer box. But these are good things!!

The Munchkin has been pretty much under the weather since last weekend. Two days home from work with him, and a trip to the Dr. later - we learn it is a virus. Upper respiratory virus with a high fever. Not much we can do except keep him comfortable -which is tough to do in summer heat and humidity with no air conditioning.

But we did our best - the fever broke finally - but the cough lingered and really took a lot out of him. He's been pretty content to watch videos near the fan most of the time all week. We did get him outside a bit this weekend - including letting him man the hose for a while (Mommy's big mistake - right between the shoulder blades at point blank range!) and whatever else he felt up to helping with (we were weeding, mulching and planting). He'd fizzle mid day and then come inside to play while we worked in and out to get things done.

And then the freezer box arrived! (With a freezer in it - yay!)

He's turned it into a town - with a movie theater at the end and drawn roads all down the bottom.

I am not sure all else that he has added - but he's loving his box.

Of course we now have NO scotch tape left in the entire house!!! And no open floor space.

But we have a little boy who is smiling and laughing again - the cough nearly gone - the sparkle back in his eyes.

The quilt blocks can wait - I have a town to visit.


SewPaula said...

Very cool! I love your priorities.

Michelle said...

That is so precious. I remember as a kid playing in boxes, and have witnessed many children playing in boxes. It is a wonderful imagination tool, and it looks like your little man's imagination is working just fine!

Have a great week!
be blessed,

Barb said...

I'm so glad he is starting to feel better. It drains the whole family when a little one is sick.

jillquilts said...

He looks like he is having a blast!! I hope the fever drops today!!

Higgins Design Studio said...

He is like his cousin DragonBen in the love of scotch tape I guess... Glad he's feeling better, and glad you got a new freezer!
Love you sis!