Monday, March 15, 2010

Quilting Wednesdays

Wednesday has become quilting night with Shellie. We've managed 2 now - not in a row - but still more than one - and we have one planned again for this week. Between the time I get home from work, get changed and grab my stuff and food, we can aim to get in about 3 hours before I need to scoot home and get some sleep before work on Thursday.

But in 3 hours we can get lots done!

Our first week was spent working on our four patches -with some trimming and pressing homework in the interim.

Here's the result (mine on the left - Shellie's on the right):

She has more to do because she is making the full size (30 blocks) while I am making the twin (20 blocks). Each block has 8 four patches in it... so you can do the math!! :-)

After four patch show and tell, we each got to work on our half-square-triangles. We had chosen to draw our diagonal middle lines as "prep-work" before we got there, so once I got my machine set up we just fed them through and chatted and fed and chatted... and before you knew it I had all of mine fed through and cut apart. (Shellie's kids interrupted her a few times - plus she had more to do - so she did not quite finish).

We did get enough done to do a rough layout of a block. Here's mine:

And here is Shellie's:

And this is a good example of why it is sometimes good to lay out your blocks and then take a picture - sometimes the camera "eye" sees things differently and mistakes jump out at you.

Can you see it?? I did not notice it while setting the blocks in place, but as soon as I snapped the shutter I could see it. It also helps me see spots where the colors start forming a secondary pattern - one that perhaps I don't want (like the distinct 9 patch with the red corners).

This week's homework was pressing and trimming all those HST's. I am pressed, and about 1/3 trimmed -with two nights until Wednesday. So what am I doing blogging?!??! :-)


Marj said...

It seems like piecing goes faster when you are sharing time with friends. The Busy Bees worked on Maggie bags last Thursday and we were able to stitch together 40 of the small ones before lunch. I like the block you are making.

Barb said...

Looks very much like a jacob's ladder pattern. Lucky you to have someone to sew with. My closest sewing buddy is over 2hrs away.

Michelle said...

They look great! I love your colors!

Barb said...

Those quilts are going to be wonderful!!

Suzan said...

Isn't it just so much fun to sew (or cut or whatever) with another quilter?

jillquilts said...

I can't wait to see a few of the blocks together! I think that they are both going to look sharp!!! Have fun with Shellie! And think of me while you are sewing together!

.... Maybe you should make an honorary space for me.... lol

Shellie said...

We always think of you Jill. You always have a spot too.
Camera eye is a good tip Regina.
I did miss tonight though. Cant wait till next week. I will have my machine back. YEY.