Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Child's Perspective

Tonight my son wanted to know why I had a sticker on my shirt.

"Did you go potty, Mommy?" asked the 3 year old whose world is currently focused on stickers and potties and big boy pants with Thomas on them.

"No sweetie, I got this sticker because I voted today."


Um - because we are electing the President of the United States? Now to break that down into terms a 3 year old will understand.

"You know how Scoop is Team Leader for Bob the Builder's machine's, buddy?"
"We are choosing a new Team Leader for our country - between Mr. Barack and Mr. John."

And I showed him the pictures, and I told him which one Mommy chose.

"He can't be Team Leader, Mommy. He's not a machine. He needs to be a People Leader."

Oh I know he can be, buddy. I know he can.

(interestingly not minutes after CNN and the other online news sources called the election, the Munchkin stirred in his sleep. The romantic in me wants to say he felt the world changing - history being made? Or maybe it was just that late evening snack???)


Higgins Design Studio said...

Love the purple turtle that voted!
I think you did very well trying to explain a very grown up concept to a 3 year old.
Now for our newest People Leader elect to start revealing his team (people) for leading.
Change is inevitable, but I agree with the romantic in you that the munchkin felt the world changing. Most likely it was the late night snack, but believing the other can't hurt!
Love you sis!

Colleen said...

I had the same thought about Ian! While Barack was giving his speech, Ian was also stirring in his sleep, and I thought, "Maybe he somehow knows the history we've made..."

Pollyanna said...

Oh this is sweet!

Holly said...

That is too sweet. I had to explain the sticker to Joshua and why all these people were in his school gym. It is so amazing the things their little minds wonder about.

Barb said...

They say children are more intuitive ~ maybe they did feel the shift in power. I'd like to believe that anyway.