Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Magic Time

It seems like just yesterday it was Thanksgiving, and I was well on schedule to getting all my Christmas projects done and in the mail and to far flung destinations ON TIME! And now it is December 12th and I am not as far along as I thought I would be. One project is holding up one package - and it is not really a big project but something I have never made before, so I just need to dive in and do it.

The rest of the packages are local, and not needing delivery until December 21st at the earliest - so I have a bit more time there... I think!

Of course there is still a tree to decorate, and wrapping to do, and cookies to bake, and, and, and...

But amidst all this is a beautiful almost-3-year-old who is really aware of the magic of Christmas for the very first time.

So as the munchkin will sing... "Good Dining To You, and all of your Kin" - and be warned that your gifts may be a bit late!

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Lil Mouse said...

hey you commented on my blog about the felt candy cane holders. how did you come across me? did you google a particular phrase. thanks!