Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Helping Haircut

Today I had my hair cut. I have not had it cut - other than trims - since I found out I was pregnant with my son in June 2004, and it was the longest it had been since I was in grade school.

I was getting frustrated with it, though. It was up or back, or in the way, or getting cleaned out of the drain or swept up - you get the idea.

I wanted to donate it but did not quite have enough for Locks of Love without going extremely short - but recently read an article about Oprah cutting Hilary Swank's hair for donation - and it was a different program. It is sponsored by Pantene, and makes wigs for adults. They only need 8 inches, which I had - and it left some over to give me a nice bob.

Since Mom is a cancer survivor, I felt really good about making this donation. And I LOVE my new cut! (picture to come later - I promise)

Here is the information on the program if anyone is interested: Pantene's Beautiful Lenghts

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