Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thinking Pink

FINALLY! I have been planning this tote for nearly a year now - and it is finally done and delivered to it's new owner.

First a little back story - I was at work one Saturday last winter, when I am usually the only one in the office. A co-worker was there, and as I was leaving for the day we were chatting about her nice new HUGE canvas tote bag with our school logo on it. She knows I love totes, and ended up giving me the bag, as she found it too big for her tastes.

What were her tastes? - I asked. Well, she had this old canvas tote with threadbare handles that she had been trying to replace, but could not find one in the same size/strap proportions.

Knowing her fondness for flamingos, my creative wheels started turning, and I told her I would only accept the big tote if she let me replicate/replace the little one. Then I started the hunt for the perfect flamingo fabric, which was found somewhere down south by my Lazy Sister Sue.

Well, it finally happened (despite the Munchkin's "help"). It is a bit smaller, and has a few different features than her old one, but it is done and hanging on her door knob.

And just for some extra fun, I tucked in a WonderWallet and Checkbook Cover from Lazy Girl Designs, and a petal pouch from a pattern that Lazy Sister Sue shared with me.

I am just waiting to hear the squeals from down the hall.


Joan Hawley said...

Hi Regina,

I remember you telling me about this story some time ago. Maybe you posted it to the Yahoo group - not sure.

I love the bag and the accessories are fantastic. I'm sure your friend will love your creations.


matriarchal sister said...

Regina, it turned out great! So glad to see the results of my "personal shopping"! I know she will love the accessories too.

So, you just left it hanging on her doorknob to surprise her? Let us know her reaction.

Love, Sue