Saturday, July 21, 2007

When you Wish upon a Star...

To those of you who I am not married to - let me explain about my husband and his gift buying issues. See - I will give out ideas all year round - especially in the fall - of things that I would like and DH will hear them but not retain them, so right before Christmas he will want me to come up with a list. Of course I cannot remember all those great ideas I had throughout the year, or where I saw them, and so we go round and round every year.

This year I told him I would post my wishes on my blog - even post links where I have them - and tag them with a WISHES label so come Christmas shopping time (which for DH is often December 24th!) he could sort out the list and get some ideas.

So here's my first one... a quilting calculator.

He has one for wood -I could use one for fabric, since I am very often winging it on the fly, and either coming up short or way overbuying.

If you have used one of these, or know of a better vendor or price, let me know. He'd appreciate the feedback.

Merry Christmas in July!

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Matriarchal Sister said...

I don't have a quilting calculator but I do have the "All-in-One Quilter's Reference Tool" publshed by C&T. I love it, it has easy to follow charts and tables for most everything I need to figure out. It is conveniently spiral bound, and has board like pages so it holds up well to constant use. Hmmmm, what am I doing? I have your name for Christmas this year!!!!!