Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's All in the Timing...and mine was off

A friend was headed to Bar Harbor for a vacation - and I thought this tote would make a great travel bag for her - too bad I had my dates and months mixed up and she was actually ON the trip as I was planning and making the bag...oops! Kind of a let down when you plan what you think is the "perfect" surprise and the details don't work out the way you planned (someday I will tell the cross stitch story...)

I finished the bag anyway and gave it to her when she got back...and she loved it just the same. The disappointment was all in my head - and I know she will get great use out of it no matter where she goes!

(note -this was a Summer Tote pattern by Lazy Girl Designs - they are the best!!! -look for more "Summer" Tote photos coming soon - I am currently working on 3 more!)

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Sister Sue said...

I love it!!! It would go so well with my patriotic Summer Tote. I like the zipper pull, I used a star shaped charm for mine. Lost the first one because I didn't have the proper split ring for it but Cindy got me all fixed up. Time now for me to make myself a fall Summer Tote. Can't wait to see pictures of the others you''re working on.