Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Block of the Month

Lazy Sister Sue talked me into a Block of the Month project that her quilt guild in South Carolina is doing. Even though I can't share with them in person, she and I thought it would be fun for me to "play along."

Believe it or not - this is the first BOM quilt I have ever made - I have looked at these types of projects before, but just was not at that stage in my quilting to get one going. This time the timing just felt right.

As much as I like the fabric set used for this pattern, I really could not justify buying more fabrics and I had decided to do this quilt all out of my scraps - and had some more feminine fabrics in mind - mostly rose, pink and green. Unfortunately there just was not enough of them.

Then my eye lit on to my teal/aqua/blues/greens and a few yellows/batiks. There is enough fabric there - and I thought it would make a fun quilt for the Munchkin (plus use some of my Turtle fabrics).

This was Block 1.

I am not sure I entirely enjoy the BOM concept - I am a "cut the whole quilt out at once" kind of gal, and this cutting bit by bit, every block different, keeping track of which block gets which pieces and having pieces leftover for the borders is a bit frustrating for me - especially since I am substituting such different fabrics from the original. In this block I really should have looked for a bit more contrast between the big triangles (this is the block in the top left of the full quilt shown above) - but I still think it will work in the overall scheme of things (and the turtles from the "splat" fabric got fussy cut to show up in the outer borders).

The other thing about BOM's is the waiting - luckily for me Lazy Sister Sue told me about this particular project when Nancy Rink already had 7 months worth posted -now she has 8 - so I really won't have to wait long. They are also nice BIG blocks (12" finished) so this quilt will be a good size and go together fairly quickly.


Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful, we are getting such a nice variety of fabrics from each individual quilter. I'll have to send you a picture of mine.

thanks for sharing.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

The block is cute! I have just started my second BOM and I am having fun with it. Of course, I still need to finish my first BOM.