Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Turtle of the Day - Mister Sparkles

Mister Sparkles only comes out at Christmas, although if I could find a good way to display him all year round I might keep him out.

I think I found him at Lowes or Home Depot or some other big box store that sells Christmas ornaments this time of year.

On a non-turtle related note, the ornament in the back is one my Sister Cindy made - it is terra cotta and on the heavy side.

Due to various tree challenges the past few years, this and about 5 other terra cotta ornaments, as well as a bunch of other ornaments, did not make it on to the tree.

This year - even after some LED light angst - we have tree success and I have nearly 100% of my ornament stash on the tree.

There is great joy!!!

1 comment:

Higgins Design Studio said...

You could try hanging him from a small mug/ornament stand and place him on a shelf where the munchkin cannot get him. Mr. Sparkles is so cute, I am sure the munchkin must like him too! (Besides that, he sparkles, what could be better than that???)
Love you sis!