Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Little Boy Grows a Bit More

Anyone who really knows Hubby or I well knows that we are both long time LEGO-fanatics. My "addiction" started back in high school, when I started collecting the castle sets. About 10 years later I stopped actively buying, but am just a few sets short of complete for that time period. Hubby has more of the space themed sets - and we each have them stored in our own style - mine sorted into tackle boxes by shape and size (about 4 boxes worth -plus a big tub for the baseplates and other large parts) with the instructions in binders - and Hubby's dumped into various sized tubs and all jumbled together.

Pre-Munchkin we would from time to time pull them all out and build something HUGE.

When the Munchkin came along we put them all up for a while, and have enjoyed a few years of DUPLO, knowing all the while that this "inheritance" awaits the little guy when he is big enough.

Today we took the first step - as the Munchkin asked me to get down the LEGO starter set I had stored in his closet. This set was HIS - gifted to us as a hand-me-down somewhere along the line and put away until he was ready.

Today he was ready.

We made a deal to sort out some of his neglected toys and give them away to others -and in turn we would make room for the "big boy LEGO."

He did great on the sorting and donating -which he has been resisting every time I have mentioned it.

Today he was ready.
Today my little boy got a little bit bigger.

And started following in Mommy and Daddy's footsteps.

It was a happy day all around!

It made me doubly glad I decided to purchase a small "big boy LEGO" set for his Christmas stocking (and one for Daddy's, too) - because I had decided that "I" was ready.

He just beat me to it!

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Jennifer said...

Must be something in the air this weekend. I beaqueathed my Strawberry Shortcake toys to my daughter and I can't believe how she has taken to them! Hope your Munchkin has fun with his legos - they were a big hit in my house growing up, but my brother wound up with all of them!