Friday, November 21, 2008

The Borrowers Brought it Back

As long as I can remember - whenever something has gone missing, my mother will say "The Borrowers took it." Now as avid reader as I was as a child, and still am, I don't remember ever reading The Borrowers - although I am sure my older sisters probably did, and I am thinking that is why this expression became common in our household.

Yesterday I responded to someone's comment about my seam ripper by saying "The Borrowers took it." I guess I really am my mother's child.

At any rate -the Borrowers brought it back - or at least I finally figured out the last thing I had been working on where I had that particular tin of tools handy, checked the right box and PRESTO -there it was.

So the bags are all turned and the holes stitched back up again. Now for the pressing and top stitching and PRESTO -they will be done!!!

(and judging from this photo - the Borrowers really liked sewing notions! That explains A LOT!)


Susan C said...

Hooray, you found it! But I think you better ask Santa to bring you some extra seam rippers. They make good stocking stuffers and will save you oodles of time searching. Besides, did you know that seam rippers can become dull? A new sharp seam ripper (or two or three) will make your "unsewing" so much easier.


Higgins Design Studio said...

Glad you found them - HOORAY!
I too do not remember the 'Borrowers', I do however remember another book about tiny human-like creatures called the 'Litles', they had tails, if I remember correctly, and the book title i seem to remember is 'The Littles take a Trip'. I'd have to do some searching to see what I can find. They too liked sewing notions and slept in the big boxes that wooden matches come in.
Glad the seam rippers were found in time to do what was needed.
Love you sis!

Jill said...

i sound like my mom more every day