Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Turtle of the Day - The Gnome

Last month Prolific Online Quilters Jen and Jill were gallivanting around Ohio prior to a quilt retreat and tantalized me with pictures of resin turtles they found at a JoAnn's store. Multiple visits to my local store proved fruitless, as no turtles were to be found.

Last weekend Hubby and I were in Niagara Falls, NY for a convention, and were able to do some shopping on the way home before picking up the Munchkin from Grandma. We checked out the JoAnn's in Buffalo, and lo and behold, THEY had the turtles that Jen and Jill had seen.

Hubby, however, has been wanting a garden gnome for the longest time - and every time we see a Travelocity commercial it gets worse.

So when I found this gnome - riding on a turtle - I knew it must be meant to be...

Soon after this photo was taken the two of them meandered out into the garden, where they are now resting comfortably under an arborvitae, keeping an eye on a newly transplanted lilac (that the deer have already nibbled) and watching the lily of the valley spring up around them. I wonder what he's reading?

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Anjeanette said...

Oh I LOVE gnomes! Gnomes and turtles together are a match made in heaven!!! I love it!