Friday, May 09, 2008

Sometimes you need a "Time Out"

Yesterday I took a digital "time out" - I went the entire day without touching the computer, and without watching TV - only using my cell phone to touch base with Hubby as I ran some errands. Felt pretty good.

I also had to take a "time out" on the seahorse quilt. I think I posted before that I was just a smidgen short on the fabrics needed to finish the water up over the seahorse's head. Well - to make a long story (involving visits to THREE JoAnn's stores) shorter... two of the four fabrics have been discontinued. (and since I got cocky playing with one of them while making the little seahorse sample, I don't get to use what little of that one I had left)... GRRRR....

So I got some fabrics in the "neighborhood" and will convert it into sea foam and bubbles - and somehow make it looked like I planned it that way .... yeah...

Speaking of planning it that way - I have a not always good habit of taking a quilt concept and then just going out in left field and running with it - eyeballing fabric amounts needed, and figuring I can always make it work in the end. Well - I guess I need some practice in eyeballing the amount of fabric needed for bindings, because while making one quilt at Christmas I made WAYYYY to much binding... Lets put it this way - I have bound TWO lap quilts with this binding, and I still have FIFTEEN YARDS of it left!!! Lazy Sister Sue says I was just planning ahead .... yeah...

So on Monday evening, I got it in my head to make a quilt for Joe, the student who has worked in my office with me since he started as a freshman, 4 years ago. He graduates in 2 weeks! So Wednesday night I bought some fabrics - being sure to get something that will go with my yards and yards and yards of binding (thanks to LSS for the blue/brown combo hint - I am really enjoying it!) - and between the time the fabric got tossed in the laundry at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, to 11:00 PM last night - THIS is what I've accomplished.

I've seen this pattern many places - but once again I was flying without a navigator. I actually think I will write down what I did on this one though and share it - it was very easy (and QUICK!)

Tonight I will finish the seahorse bag and wrap the other gifts for the new mommy - and if I get time will probably put the borders on Joe's quilt. The seahorse quilt will have to wait for another day - but the baby isn't here yet, so I have a bit of a buffer.

The "time out" was good -recharged the batteries and it felt good to see results so quickly!!


Barb said...

Regina, The quilt looks great! I probably should take a "time out" from the computer ~ I waste much too much time out here in cyberspace!

Amelia said...

Me too - in spending too much time on this computer. I suppose I think something is going to happen (a new posting) and I won't be able to see it immediately.

This quilt looks great...isn't this called rail fence pattern.

Have a great Mother's Day!

Amelia in Oklahoma

Moneik said...

What a cute, quick little quilt. I'm sure the recipient will like it as well.