Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I really wish my cell phone and my computer would get along - believe it or not I went out to play without the big camera this weekend and had some great photo opportunities that ended up being snapped with the camera phone - and now they are stuck there until I can slip the card into Hubby's computer and then move them over to mine.

Our weekend was kind of like the threads on my practice free motion quilt piece -meandering all over the place. Believe it or not I did not get to sew until Monday evening - both Saturday and Sunday we went out to dinner after a very very full day of working and playing in the yard, and just dropped after getting home and getting the Munchkin into bed. His "playground" is now wasp free (we hope) and refurbished with a new slide, canopy, ladder handles, pirate steering wheel and periscope - and the turtle sandbox has migrated from the top of the yard to under the "playground". We have one VERY happy little guy! He "helped" Daddy screw down the boards that were just nailed together, and held parts as we installed all the new "gadgets". He's working on getting up the ladder by himself, and still a bit unsure about that big slide, but we will get there, eventually.

In addition to all the "playground" renovations, Hubby cleaned out the garage, mowed the lawn, and prepped for the 6 yard load of topsoil that was supposed to arrive at 10Am Saturday, no wait-1:00 PM, no - between 3:30 and 4:00 PM, no wait again - as of when they called at 8:45 on Saturday PM we were to be the first delivery around 10:00 AM Sunday... no - WHEN??

It NEVER happened, they never called back, and so we remain un-soiled. At least we had not rented any heavy equipment to help with moving it all to where it needs to go... and we had not yet paid for it. I think we will be taking our business elsewhere. Just too bad that it was pretty much too late to schedule with a different provider for THIS weekend.

Despite that setback, we had a nice relaxing working weekend, planting pots of plants (herbs and flowers), building planter boxes (to be filled with the aforementioned top soil), attempting to move a very very big log that we now realize is immovable, picnic lunching out in the yard, and just making some good memories.

Monday was a bit more frustrating - windy threatening weather kept us inside - but we made great progress purging some files and papers and finding the office again while the Munchkin played with his trains and I tackled laundry that had been neglected while we were outside - great progress right up until we realized that our dryer was no longer drying - and we had 2 loads of wet laundry to take care of, not to mention the piles of dirty stuff in the wings.

A run to Home Depot for a drying rack was fruitless (and rude service on top of an already frustrated mood resulted in me walking out without the cart full of other items I had planned to pick up) so I ended up at Wal Mart, found a rack I could make do with - and headed home to find that Hubby had dissected the dryer, found the defective heating coil (A real nasty one, too!) and found where he could buy a replacement. Keep your fingers crossed that it all goes back together and works, otherwise we will be doing some appliance shopping under duress - not the way I want to buy a new dryer.

So after company for home made pizza and rhubarb pie (I did not bake - it was hubby's pizza, our rhubarb and MIL's wonderful pie!), and a tubby for the Munchkin - Zoe and I finally got to spend some quality time together - meandering and stitching. After practicing on some blank fabric, I meandered around the lily pond fabric in the picture above, eventually cutting out a piece to make a quilted chap stick holder (no picture of that, sorry). Fun at every turn - just have to remember to switch to my glasses, as watching the fabric as I stitch made my contacts go a bit crazy.

more to come...


Moneik said...

Sounds like you had a very busy weekend! It's so good to be able to spend quality time together as a family.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I, too, hate shopping under pressure. I feel like I'm wearing a sign that says "Sucker". Sounds like you had a busy weekend, too!