Friday, January 04, 2013

More blasts from the past

Remember Confetti?

Bet you think I had forgotten all about it?!?!?

Nope - I hadn't.  I HAD stuck it back in its box after this brief attempt to bring some order to the assembly process - TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO!!! 

Now that I have a design wall - it's a bit easier to deal with - so assembly of this has recommenced in earnest.  4 of 19 rows were assembled tonight - and lots of setting triangles were applied.  The toughest part was getting my mind back in the "code" of my notations and figuring out what was done and what needed doing.  I think I am good now though - and if I run out of blocks, there are plenty more scraps where these came from.

I'm going to ride this UFO-clearing wave as long as I possibly can (though I will admit I snuck a 'new' quilt in the mix - pictures to follow when I can take daylight shots)


Cheryl Willis said...

very nice, I love uncovering a 'forgotten' scrappy. it is like finding an old friend and it is half done!

Jean(ie) said...

look at you go! I'm in a UFO-clearing mood. Working on one now. It started as a tablecloth, and turned into a quilt! LOL!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Woo hoo on working on UFOs!

Reenie said...

Go, Regina, go!!! I'm with you on trying to finish up some of my ufo's. It feels good to plow through some of them. Love how this one is turning out!!