Friday, November 02, 2012


The Munchkin's school was closed on October 30 as we anticipated damage and power outages from Sandy. Fortunately for us, the impact was minimal and no where near the devastation in other parts of NY, but school remined closed nonetheless. So we enjoyed some "home school" on our "Sandy-Day"

Wii Sports Resort filled in for PE and we did some bowling, some table tennis, and even some sky diving.

Perler Beads were our art class.

Our shadow box from last winter was "free-composition" class.

and making a mug rug for the Munchkin's teacher was math class... doubled.

They are learning about arrays -so he picked a 3x3 array.
They are learning about measuring - so he helped me measure each step.

Back (thanks for the scraps, Aunt Sue)

It was a learning filled day - which started with a science lesson on optics.
 If you look really really closely - you will notice that this is a DOUBLE rainbow!!!


Marj said...

I guess the double rainbow would be the science lesson. Beautiful picture, thanks for sharing.

jillquilts said...

The munchkin got gypped on his day off school! There should be no learning on those days! Lol

Jean(ie) said...

LOL @ Jill's comment. True that. But I think this learning was fun!