Saturday, October 13, 2012

4Patches4Hope - update

I've finished up 2 more quilts for 4Patches4Hope, and they are going out in today's mail to be shipped to SC - along with some other goodies for family down there.  Terri is visiting both the chemo and radiation centers on Wednesday and offered to do a delivery - which was the push I needed to get some flimsies buttoned up.

Neither is a 4 patch - but these were made from donated fabric and I picked a block that is fun but works up very quickly.  The 2nd one was actually because I miscounted when I was cutting, and ended up with too many for the first quilt.  Munchkin helped me lay them out on point - he's got a good eye for that even without setting triangles to finish the layout (I hadn't cut them yet).  A bit of straight line quilting and these were done.  I still like to hand finish my bindings - it takes a bit of time but it just feels right to me to do it that way... like I put the last little bit of me into the quilt at that point.



Anjeanette said...

You are crazy handstitching the binding down! I just don't have the strength in my hands to do it. I do think it finishes lovely though. I like the pattern you chose for these. And how cool that the Munchkin helps out! They will be loved for sure!

(Blast your robot checker. It always takes me a couple of tries 'cause I apparently can't read them well.)

Marj said...

I also use my kids as an extra set of eyes too. Love the quilts that is a very modern looking pattern.

Jennifer said...

They look great! Send me the nextop you finish and I will be happy to quilt, bind, and mail it back!

jillquilts said...

Great job on the finishes!!