Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Ribboniest Quilt

Ever have a quilt pattern you just fall in love with???  For me that was Pat Speth's Sunny Lanes.  From the first time I saw pictures of it on Jill's blog, to when she won a ribbon for it in a quilt show, I knew someday, somehow, I HAD to make this pattern.  When I visited Jill last spring, I made sure that her version, "Lovers Lane" was on MY air mattress for the weekend!  It was even better in person than in the pictures.

I made my version - "Return to Wonderland" early last year in a quilt-along with Shellie.  I was working through my stash of Moda Wonderland fabric (this was the 2nd of 3 quilts from it) and just love how it came together.  Then I sent it off to Jill to be quilted.

I loved loved loved how it turned out - and it has been at the foot of my bed - or on it- ever since.

When I joined the Caledonia Quilt Guild this spring and heard we were having a quilt show in July - I knew this quilt would be one of my entries.

The show was today.
The quilt was popular!!

The quilt was recognized with THREE Vendor's Choice ribbons, and another Runner Up ribbon in the Viewers Choice ballots (I think Runner Up to the Best of Show, but not 100% positive on the placing).

I also had another Vendor's Choice ribbon on the Munchkin's quilt, also quilted by Jill.  I also entered the crab quilt that Lazy Sister Sue and I made for Mom, that is currently in my custody (we share - Sue had it since July and I took it home when we visited in April).  No ribbons for the crabs -but lots of compliments.

These were my first ever quilt show entries -and it was such a positive response, from my friends, family, peers, and the quilt loving public.  Feels great.. but the best part was the big smile on the Munchkin's face when he saw the ribbon on HIS quilt (though he thinks we should be winning chocolate ice cream sandwiches instead of ribbons!).

A great day!  And all because of Jill and her Lover's Lane!!!



SewPaula said...

Congratulations!!! Those are gorgeous quilts! How exciting for your first entries!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your ribbons - they are well deserved!

jillquilts said...

You give me too much credit in your ribbons!! Way to go!!

Joan Hawley said...

Congrats! The quilts are gorgeous!

Jean(ie) said...

you do wonderful work. It's nice to be recognized for your efforts. Way to go....Congrats!

Anonymous said...

amazing: i live in awe of your incredible dedication & hard work CONGRATS!

Marj said...

Congratulations on getting recognition of your talent in the quilt show.
Your boy is sure growing up, so tall now.

Michelle said...

Congratulations! They are all beautiful!