Sunday, September 25, 2011

One step closer to done

This is a project that has been lingering - silly me thought that I had lots of curved seams yet to sew -but the truth was that the blocks were ready... I just needed to lay them out (and floor space around here is at a premium).

This was Dick and Jane fabric I picked up last year on my shop hop to use for Toshi and Miyuki's baby.  At the time we had no idea of gender - but Nanami, their beautiful baby girl, was born last November, and I am hoping to finish this up in time for her first birthday.

I used this pattern from Moda Bake Shop.  I love how easy their patterns are - and so precut-friendly!  And what could be better than free!!!

Love this fabric!!!  She will be reading English in no time!  The white on white fabric even has scattered alphabet letters on it.
Getting a photo was a bit of a challenge.
I still have some fabrics left from this fabric line, but with twin great nephews now a few weeks old, and a great niece on the way, I am sure I can come up with some fun little projects.



Jennifer said...

Great top! Glad you found all the blocks done and were able to get it together (haha!).

Jean said...

that's cute! I love Dick and Jane! I remember reading the book...

Jill said...

feel like playing?