Saturday, August 06, 2011

Dirty Tales - surviving the drought

So it has not rained much here of late.  I mowed on July 31st -the first time the lawn has NEEDED mowing since July 3rd - and even then it probably could have gone a bit longer.

(of course it rained yesterday - but that is just because we are having our roof replaced and Mother Nature had to weigh in on our carefully scheduled construction plans.)

Add to that being gone for 10 days in the middle of it - and you have the makings for a baked and crispy garden.

Not here, though.  Thanks to the efforts of my neighbor, and my handy dandy self watering planter buckets, things are humming along nicely.

Romas ready to harvest.
3 buckets of Romas and 2 of carrots - the carrots are surprisingly the 'thirsty plant' that I have to refill every night.
Monster pumpkin climbing up the deck.

Monster pumpkin sprawling over the yard.  (has not set fruit yet, though)
Planter boxes with garlic ready to harvest, happy rhubarb, a roving pumpkin, and beans, peppers, tomatoes and squash all growing nicely.  Some harvested already, some ripening on the vine, some stolen by Chucky, Lefty and Bambi.


Barb said...

Your garden doesn't look too bad...but I am sure you are used to better. Maybe everyone should have their roof will really rain then!

Jean said...

LOL @ Barb. We had a gully-washer here in Cinci. So bad we couldn't see the road. Our "hairy dirt" (grass) soaked it right on up!

jillquilts said...

Everything looks great!!

Gina said...

your vegies look so good!..hopefully our garden will resemble yours when spring arrives here soon!.. thanks for commenting on my blog recently too..much appreciated! :) Gx