Sunday, June 19, 2011

No Sew Friday

So I did not end up sewing on Friday - too many hours in the sun on my driveway running the yard sale - I was dog tired.

Saturday brought another day of selling - followed by dinner out with my boys and a quick trip to the toy store to take advantage of a Lego sale with our hard earned cash.

I have not been entirely idle on the quilting front of late, though.  I quickly "christened" my new space by starting a new project (yes- I know I have PLENTY of projects in progress... but you know how it is).  I only showed the mock up sketch and the unassembled blocks before - here it is finished to flimsy state...

And the good news is we are heading to pick up Zoe from the Sewing Machine "Doctor" some evening this week!  She will sit idle for a bit as we have family coming to visit next weekend -but it will be good to have her home.


Jennifer said...

Great start for your new room.

jillquilts said...

It looks great! Way to go on the sale and the new quilt to christen your space! :)