Friday, October 05, 2007

What I did on my Summer (er - Fall) Vacation

Beading, sewing, baking, floral arranging, shopping, laughing, eating - I think we covered most of the bases during our week-plus away from home.

The bride to be, her mother in law to be, and two aunts to be got together one night for a beaded bracelet making session. These are our finished "sparklies." (Mine is the amber and copper and black one at the top of the picture. The bride -who had never beaded before - did a gorgeous black on black! Yummy!)

Once I get my photos organized, I will post the finished (!) pink turtle!

A great time was had by all!!!

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matriarchal sister said...

What an absolutely wonderful photo, you had a great photographer!!!!
It was a great visit, we sure did cram a lot of fun into a few days. Looking forward to the rest of your pictures.

Love you lots, miss you more!