Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Random Road in Springtime

So I finished the quilt - 3:30 PM on the day before my father-in-law was going in for surgery - the munchkin was cooperative and took a nice long nap while I was hand-sewing the binding. I do have pictures - but the camera is at home and I am not. I will update with a photo as soon as I have camera and computer in the same room.

Why "Random Road in Springtime"??? - one word - potholes! Needless to say the mis-cutting at the beginning was not the only "pothole" in this project. A limping walking foot, some mis-measuring, and a rotary cutter run amok are among a few of the bumps along this road. But I really like the way it turned out in the end. I just need to make a tag for it - when it comes back home from the hospital.

-FIL's surgery went well - now for the recovery!!!


Sister Sue said...

Wow! That turned out great....I couldn't tell that you turned the Yellow Brick Road into a Random Road. Hope Matt's dad liked it and that he is recovering well from his surgery.

Found some great fabric this weekend for a certain munchkin. Figured I'd sew up a pillowcase, thought I'd send it up for Christmas but I might not be able to wait!

Cheryl said...

Regina, thanks so much for posting on my blog. I was glad to visit and read that others have quilting experiences similar to mine. I have had a rotary cutter run amok more than once! I really like your one-of-a-kind quilt!