Friday, January 05, 2007

A New Year and UFO's

There have been several news stories lately about UFO's sighted at an airport, or mysterious objects falling from the sky into houses - but in my house the UFO's are "unfinished objects" - and this holiday season saw several around our house. A few tote bags and purses that did not quite make it to the finished pile, some panel curtains that need to be hemmed top and bottom (they are hanging with clips so they are up - just unfinished) and the slipcovers that need to be sewn for my sofa cushions (have had the fabric since mid-October -oops!)

This happens every year - or almost - I bite off more than I can chew in doing handmade projects. Part of it is too many ideas, and too many things that I like to try - that I am always adding projects into the mix up until the last minute. Another is procrastination - but I will address that at a later date (LOL!).

As I get started into 2007 I hope to be better about planning out my projects, using up some of the materials and stash I have had for some time, and donating items that I just really don't have an interest in using anymore. We will see how much that cuts down on the UFO problem - and hopefully my pile of FO (finished objects) will grow more quickly than usual.

Happy New Year!


Sister Sue said...

A note on procrastination (and I think it's genetic since I suffer from it also!) I heard of a new term- WISP - Works in Slow Progress. Sounds so much better than Unfinished Objects. Makes it sound like progress is actually being made on them, although in some cases the progress is just moving them from one pile to another while trying to "straighten" out the sewing room! Wish we could get together and tackle some of those WISPs. I miss our sewing weekends.

sooz said...

Kudos to you gals for the crafting you do! I don't have any UFOs in my closets, simply because I never find time to start them! Plus, I'm not the avid sewer/quilter that you both are known for. I tend to do jewelry, painted-wood, or wreath crafts (Well, I used to do those before having kids).

I hope you don't mind me posting, I just saw that you had your own blog/web site and was checking it out - very cool!!

I love the mercantile link as well - there's interesting news on there that I may not have known about otherwise ;) (Please wish your dad best of luck with his surgery).

Hope you don't mind if I lurk now and again.

~ Your cuz'n suz'n